Four Home Improvement Myths

Dated: June 24 2020

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When considering home improvement projects, it may be difficult to evaluate whether an improvement will increase the value of your home enough to justify the price of the project. Whether or not you are considering the sale of your home, I would be happy to share my knowledge and expertise on home improvements with you. My professional experience can guide you on which home improvements will provide the greatest increases in value in today’s market. Listed below are the four most common home improvement myths.


MYTH #1. Any upgrade will increase home value.


Many sellers view features of their homes as selling points, when to potential buyers those highlights are future headaches. A home theatre, built-in electronics, and aquariums are always fun to show off, but they also can bring unwanted responsibility and maintenance costs which can turn off potential buyers. If you have the money to spend on home improvements, consider focusing on those projects that reliably increase your home’s value and bring higher returns on your investment.


MYTH #2. I can do the upgrades myself.


Construction, labor and materials can get expensive. With the wealth of information available on the internet, some homeowners try to save money by tackling home improvements on their own. Many spend so much time and money fixing a project, only to realize hiring a professional could have been cheaper and far less aggravating. Be realistic in evaluating your planned improvements. Balance your knowledge, abilities, and schedule by delegating the improvements you can’t easily do yourself to a qualified and reputable professional.


MYTH #3. Follow recent design trends.


It is easy for a homeowner to overlook the fact that their style and tastes won’t always appeal to everyone. For the best return on your home improvement projects, choose styles, designs and colors which appeal to the broadest audience. For example, neutral colors are always a plus.


MYTH #4. Adding a pool or hot tub will increase my home’s value.


For all the fun and excitement people get from being able to swim on their property, to some, a pool or spa could be a responsibility and financial drain they simply do not want. They are a big responsibility, and need continual upkeep requiring both time and money. Whereas, others may only want to purchase a home with a pool and/or spa. If you are considering adding a pool and/or spa, it’s important to think about how it will impact the value and marketability of your home.


The myths listed above are a general guide. If you’d like to know more about this topic or anything else regarding the value or sale of your home, please feel free contact

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