Home Staging for a Higher Selling Price and Faster Sale

Dated: October 8 2020

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Home Staging for a Higher Selling Price and Faster Sale

How can you make your home appeal to as many potential buyers as possible? Studies have shown a properly staged home can sell up to 60% faster than a home which isn’t staged, increasing the sales price up to 22%. My professional experience can guide you through any decision-making process involving your home, including giving you the best advice on how to showcase your home to inspire buyers’ imagination.

Staging is cost-effective and includes both the exterior and interior of your home. I will briefly cover some home staging tips below.

First Impressions Begin at the Curb! - Remove yard clutter. Cut the grass. Trim the bushes. Plant new flowers. Weed the flower beds. Add fresh mulch. Hose off the home and driveway. Paint the front door. Buy a new doormat.

Keep it Simple! - A cluttered home seems small and crowded. Where can you hide all of the outgrown toys, holiday decorations, and extra clothing? A secure storage POD can be the perfect solution. There are many brands, but all work basically the same - the company delivers the POD to your location, pack it with the items cluttering your home, lock the storage container, and the company returns to take it away to store it until you're ready to move to your new home, whether you're moving across town or across the country.

Think Big! - Furnish each room to define its purpose and make each room appear more spacious and functional. Put a table and chairs beneath the chandelier. Be sure there’s a bed in each bedroom. An office should look like an office. These small details make it easier for buyers to imagine how their furniture would fit into the space.

Mood Motivates! - Neutralize your color scheme. Present your home as a blank canvas. Neutral colors work with many different styles and encourage the buyers’ imagination. A simple color palette is very calming. A home’s scent is one of the most overlooked parts of successful home staging. Smells trigger memories, and memories trigger emotions - help buyers imagine they could live there. Brew up a teapot full of orange slices, cinnamon, and cloves - it makes the whole home smell great!

In the Spotlight! - One of the most important aspects in staging your home is to make minor repairs which could be eyesores to potential buyers. A dripping faucet, chipped paint, and a loose door hinge, are all easy fixes that can really affect the perception of your home. Turn on the lights. Let the sunshine in. Show off your big, bright, and extraordinary home.

Perfect Timing! - Time is money! I won’t just help you show and sell your home, I'll help you get moving! I will negotiate aggressively and tirelessly on your behalf. I look forward to being YOUR Realtor!

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about this topic or anything else regarding the value or sale of your home. I specialize in the representation of homeowners from your community and would be happy to assist you with your current or future real estate needs.

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